QUESTION: Why is all communication is happening through the Telegram messenger?
ANSWER: This is done to maintain complete confidentiality. For the same reason, payment is done by crypto currency. We care about Your anonymity!

QUESTION: How I can make a payment?
ANSWER: Payment is made directly on the site, when buying a ticket. If You have never participated and have doubts about Your appearance – contact our operator in Telegram.

QUESTION: After payment, how do I get a ticket?
ANSWER: The digital ticket will be sent to You after payment within 12 hours, to the Telegram account specified by You. This code You will present to guards at the entrance.

QUESTION: Why I cannot proceed to payment and place an order?
ANSWER: It means that the places for this event for the selected gender have ended. Try to choose another event, another city, or if you are absolutely desperate – change the gender?

QUESTION: How can I get to the party place?
ANSWER: Our club provides transportation that will take You to the place of the event. The address will be notified to You right after the application and payment is approved, along with a digital ticket.

QUESTION: Is it possible to come paired with a girlfriend?
ANSWER: Yes, it is possible. In this case, when submitting an application, select the appropriate option on the site. If You go to a party like a pair, You will have a discount.

QUESTION: If I will go together with my friends, will there be a discount?
ANSWER: Yes. Discount for group visits is provided in the amount of 15% of the cost, when You purchase two or more tickets.

QUESTION: When I participated in the last party, I was promised a discount for the following events. But my Telegram account has changed. Can I get it?
ANSWER: Yes, You can. When submitting an application, in the information about yourself, inform that You are a former participant. Inform us Your old account and we will recount the cost.

QUESTION: I cannot come. Can I return my money?
ANSWER: Yes, You can. Term of return – From three days to day before the beginning of the event.

QUESTION: If for some reason I will not pass face control, will there be a refund?
ANSWER: Yes. In this case, the refund is made immediately, right on the spot.

QUESTION: Why are there the same parties in the all cities?
ANSWER: This is a distinctive feature of our company. This is done so for that, if people travel around the country and want to visit CPV again, could visit a certain party every time and not miss anything, and not get to the same parties.

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